Soccer Linked Services is an expert (through years of solid experience) when it comes to solving legal differences, compromising/directing transfers and negotiating contracts. We offer legal advice to players, coaches and clubs concerning their legal interest. Soccer Linked Services is professional, reliable and always focused on the best result for its clients.

Soccer Linked Services is an expert advisor for players, coaches and football clubs in the areas of:

- Employment & Labour Law;
- FIFA Regulations (International transfers/Solidarity Contribution/Training Compensation);
- Regulations of the Royal Dutch Football Association;
- Contract Law;
- Intellectual Property Law;
- Commercial Liability;
- Law of Associations;
- Arbitration and Disciplinary Proceedings.

With regard to other legal areas, Soccer Linked Services uses the expertise of its partner Speciaaladvocaten to advice and if necessaryl litigate in interest of player, coaches or the footballclubs.